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Thing 10 — Flow Charts and Mind Maps

December 2, 2008

As organizations look for new ways to collobarate across the room, campus, city, county and nation online colloboration tools have exploded on the scene.

One offshoot of online collaborative tools are the Mindmaps and Flowcharts.  These tools allow you to capture your ideas and keep them in one central location.

Please explore these and answer the discovery exercise question below in the comments.

The wiki article is here:


Welcome to the Maryland Libraries Learning 2.1 Blog

June 6, 2008

Welcome all those continuing the Learning 2.1 journey with us here in Maryland.   We (Jennifer and I) want this blog to be the place where you share your experiences with Learning 2.1 during your journey.   That way, you don’t have to create another place on the web that you may or may not continue after your journey.

The Learning 2.1 program is a continuation of the Learning 2.0 project that we did statewide in 2007.  This follow up program will take a slightly different approach to the different things to be explored.