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Thing 10 — Flow Charts and Mind Maps

December 2, 2008

As organizations look for new ways to collobarate across the room, campus, city, county and nation online colloboration tools have exploded on the scene.

One offshoot of online collaborative tools are the Mindmaps and Flowcharts.  These tools allow you to capture your ideas and keep them in one central location.

Please explore these and answer the discovery exercise question below in the comments.

The wiki article is here:


MD Learning 2.1 Thing 1 – LetterPop

September 15, 2008

So, what did you think of LetterPop?  Is this something you would use in your library or personally?  If so, how?  How does your library currently communicate with your patrons/customers?

Also please read the “Before You Start” page on the Wiki.  This will help you get ready to go forth and learn 2.1!