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Please share your thoughts about Slideshare and how it could be used by you and your library system.



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  1. Regina Spiker Says:

    See above for comments on SlideShare

  2. LibraryLady Says:

    I like this very much. I think it would be very useful. I can imagine using it with self directed learning topics for home schoolers and for library patrons. It also would be a great way to post training materials. I think it might have some great uses to allow patrons to learn from home. I found some interesting topics, my one problem is credibility. Not all presentations are credible or reliable. More time will be needed in sorting through information if you are just browsing the slideshows……

  3. ReluctantBlogger Says:

    I thought it was a great site and I will probably be using it in my homeschooling. It is similar to Scribd, where you can upload documents. I had a little trouble with logging in. After I logged in, it kept taking me to the home page, still saying that I’m a guest and needed to log in, and only after I got tired of that and went off to browse, it showed that I was actually logged in. I didn’t like how the first page for each category looked – they had featured presentations, but no way to grab the embed code from there. At the first quick glance I even thought that you can’t do anything with presentations except view online or share a link to them. It took going to a different place on the site to see that you can actually embed them in your blog posts (which I did, and it was easy) and download them. I thought it was a little silly also that there are so many presentations about the web, but no way to utilize the links in those presentations. Overall, I liked it and I am glad I was directed to it during this training.

  4. Etta Place Says:

    I am embedding National Geographic photos from Slideshare on the blog!

    National Geographic Best Photo Awards NatureView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: fotos nature)

  5. Etta Place Says:

    I had fun looking at all of the amazing photographic presentations on slide
    share. I also liked the Death by Power Point slide show. Have sat thru a few of those killer shows myself! I guess this is just another technological way to share, organize and present information in a visually pleasing way.

    Not sure how I would use it for Interlibrary loans. I will share this with our Children/Teen Specialist. She does various programs with Teens ( art and writing) and the homeschoolers. She’s very creative and I’m sure she will come up with a way top use this fun resource. May be we will find a use for some of these show on our website. Again, it’s great to know that these things exsit. It’s fun to explore them. Although some of us may not have an immediate need for it, we can still appreciate it.

  6. jodielynn Says:

    Creative Web 2.0 LearningView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: creativity library)

    This was one of the slides I viewed. I found slideshare easy to use and I think it would be a great resources for education and training. I think a lot of teachers, trainers etc. could make good use of this.

  7. Jo Says:

    Short version is that SlideShare gets a thumbs up from me, but if you want the long version, complete with a horse racing slideshow, click here:

  8. sunflower Says:

    Could be useful and I enjoyed browsing to see what’s available. Little
    trouble signing up. Interesting to know these sites are there, but not sure exactly how to use them. Maybe useful for presentations and training. Not sure of how valid the information is either. These sites maybe aren’t essential but I appreciate them being made available to see.

  9. D. Sebly Says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble signing up. The site is down for maintenance, but should be up shortly, I’m told. I’ve uploaded a sample PowerPoint from one of my classes. Although I did view Death by PowerPoint, I’m sure I’ve violated several of the PowerPoint improvements suggested in that slide show, but oh well…my little presentation was just being used as an example. I’ll see if I can imbed this slide share.

    Try not to go to sleep when/if you view it. Like I said, it violates some of the more humorous points made in Death by PowerPoint.

  10. D. Sebly Says:

    Oops, I seem to have done something probably not correct. I made this private, so none of you can see it (and fall asleep at your desks as you try to view it). However, I could see it just fine, so in a way, I’ve been successful in this task. Now, how to use it…first of all, I really, really could have used this while going to library school, because it would have been so much easier sharing PowePoints with classmates. Attaching a PowerPoint to an email just slows everything down, so having access to a Website that files slide presentations would have made life easier. We did a lot of group work and needed to share files a lot, so again, this would have helped.

  11. Gentlewinds Says:

    What a wonderful site! It is a great way to have a duplicate copy of a Powerpoint presentation available so that if the planned equipment fails, there is a backup. I viewed a number of presentations and found some that could be useful in teaching computer skills, understanding various concepts and getting started in hobbies. In the library this can be used for professional development, training and presentations.

    I viewed

    Slideshare is a super website that I will visit often.

  12. DBennett Says:

    I registered, created a brief Powerpoint slide show and uploaded it. I saved it as private, but allowed embedding so that I could add it to my blog. Once on my blog, it is of course, no longer private.
    I’ve already used Picassa webalbums to create a slide show to post on my bird club blog. My niece uses Photoworks photosharing to email me slideshows of recent photos she’s taken.
    As with the other similar sources, I think this will be useful. Wasn’t difficult.

  13. beachylibrarian Says:

    I also thought Slideshare was a fun tool, but I agree with the poster who wondered about credibility. However, for my purposes it worked just fine. I recently took the online training for Overdrive, and have to present what I learned at our department meeting, and when I searched for “Overdrive” I came up with a nicely comprehensive slideshow on MP3 players. I did notice that it was several years old, but hopefully the web links will contain current information. I had no problem embedding it in my blog, but I guess I didn’t understanding that the actual slideshow wasn’t on my blog – embedding it only acted as a link taking the reader to Slideshare (which is fine).

  14. ABG Julia's Blog Says:

    I thought Slideshare was very interesting although neither user friendly or intuitive. I liked the idea of sharing slides & could see uses for this in the library if more than one person wanted to give the same presentation. I tried several times to embed a slide show in my blog but kept getting a message to say the upload had failed, so I never managed to do that.

  15. shannonmc Says:

    I found slideshare to be interesting. It is useful to know of a place to access presentations already completed. I can see where this will be helpful in learning/training enviornments. My technical abilities are not the best so I may be mistaken but some presentations I viewed had no sound and no text to read along with. These types, to me, did not seem worth the effort. I also had trouble with the embedding but again, am chalking it up to my lack of technical ability versus the use of the site.

  16. CSmith Says:

    I liked playing around with slideshare. I created a little slideshow, uploaded to slideshare, then deleted it . I then embedded a pretty slideshow of horses in my old blog that I used last year for 2.0. So it is easy to use. Library could save all “presentations” in a slideshow professional collection–even branch out to storytime or program plans–then these could be shared with everybody in the system who needed to do their own presentation(s).

  17. Janet Says:

    I enjoyed viewing slideshare and also e-mailed to several people. This was a very nice place to go on a rainy day. “Thailand” I think that slideshare would be good for training purposes.

  18. Michelle_N Says:

    Hmmm, I guess I’m missing something. While I understand everyone’s suggested uses I keep thinking, “Why do we need Slideshare?” Our organization has a spot to share documents, etc. I guess as a resource it could come in handy but why would most people want to share their personal or work product globally other than for advertising? I doubt I would use it often but will keep it in the back of my mind.

  19. Rainey Says:

    I was impressed with ‘Slideshare’ and found it fun to use. I embedded a presentation of my son’s wedding pictures in a slideshow on my family MSN Facebook page. It could also be a great marketing tool for my personal business venture as well as sharing training slides with other trainers in the state. I think this is something worthwhile that I might use a lot after unplugging and resting from the computer at work:|

  20. sunshine Says:

    I had fun playing around with Slideshare. Looked at the Books selection, Entertainment and Business. This would be another place to view your PowerPoint or other slide shows you may create.

    One of the craziest slide shows I watched was Sublime & Sensual Smoke Art. If you get a chance take a look. It was weird but interesting.

  21. JackieCassidy Says:

    Slideshare is for sharing presentations. I embedded a presentation into my personal blog, just like with youtube. This site will certainly improve with age, as more people will use it, increasing the presentation library. I agree that you have to be careful of credibility. For research and information sharing, I would only rely on slideshare for part of the picture. Presentations generally only highlight information on a topic. For staff that want to follow up on a training, this is a great way to share the presentation though.

  22. rusty Says:

    For the most part I enjoyed playing with SlideShare. I like the concept of public/private sharing of slideshows like PowerPoint presentations. I think this could be most useful for training/ education purposes.

    At HCPL there is an Educator’s Team where presentations are made to the educational community (both teachers and students) about the various databases HCPL has for their use. Access to SlideShow would make it possible for all those in the Harford County educational community to be able learn this info without physically having to attend a presentation.

    I browsed various subjects from Careers to DIY to Photos. I embedded the slideshow of Cultivating Creativity, which I think is especially relevant at HCPL. Another slideshow which I found very creative was an actual resume. I have heard of video resumes but not slideshow ones! The one I viewed was very creative but it was partly in Chinese and partly in English so I’m not sure who the audience was. This is a very clever way to get your resume out there.

  23. rusty Says:

  24. Cecelia Robeson Says:

    I had problems using this site at work, so I had to do the assignment on my home computer. I’m not certain why this was, perhaps it was due to a slow connection or the filtering software. It’s a shame because I thought Slideshare could be a useful site for work. I had to do a presentation at a conference last year and it would have been wonderful to have used Slideshare as a backup for our PowerPoint presentation. It would also have been convenient when we were asked to email the presentation to an interested viewer, because the file was too large to email.
    I noticed there were a lot of library-related topics; Web 2.0, reference services, and even literature were a few of the topics I searched. I particularly enjoyed the Death by PowerPoint presentation. I think I’ve been subjected to a few of those myself.
    Death By Powerpoint4344View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

  25. Frogonablog Says:

    <a style=”font:14px Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;display:block;margin:12px 0 3px 0;text-decoration:underline;” href=”

    Above slide show on “Innovation” from SlideShare.

    Interesting to view. Good way to allow small training via e-mail or other readily available resource in a library community.

  26. PMalasky Says:

    I did like SlideShare and looked over many of the various presentations. If you have to do a presentation this would be a great back up plan. I have been to many work shops where the presentation would not work correctly and the presenters had to had out paper copies. It really ruined the whole presentation. I viewed some very informative presentations that were very helpful. I am sure to use it in the future.

  27. Virginia Hyde Says:

    I liked several of the slideshare presentations. thought it would be very useful for presentations you might make.

  28. KristinB Says:

    I just love the fact that the first slideshow that came up when I searched for “Victorian” (I have a passing interest in Victorian death culture), the first slide show that came up was one about Prostitution in the Victorian Era. However, when I examined it, all of the pictures were from the Middle Ages/Renaissance period, which did not give much credibility to the slide show. But other slide shows were actually very informative and would probably be useful in a teaching situation. This might be a site that could be used for homeschoolers and long distance training for databases for librarians, but, just like all internet sources, the presentations would have to be checked to see how credible they are. Though I imagine that companies would want to put their slideshows on their own webspace, not share it on a community like SlideShare. Still, it is good to know that this is readily available. It is also good to know that links in the slideshows are clickable.

  29. Ann Drake Says:

    As everyone else has pointed out, I think Slideshare would be a great site to use for training, or even as opposed to e-mailing a power point presentation to someone. E-mailing a power point presentation can be cumbersome to some and may take a long time to load before it can be viewed. I think it would be a useful tool for any company staff, including library, especially if it was something that could be viewed on a employee’s computer on time off from their duties or even at home. Thumbs up on this one!

  30. milt Says:

    SlideShare was a pretty neat site. However, I was kind of disappointed with the slides that are on the site that can be searched….it’s still a fairly new site I’m guessing.

    It seems pretty easy to make a slide presentation and put it on your blog. The slide presentations can be a really informative and eductaional tool.

    It’s good to know that this site exists in case a patron ever has to put together a slide presentaion, but might not have Power Point.

  31. AMartin Says:

  32. JessNhem Says:

    I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get this site to work on a couple computers I was trying. And, then sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn’t. So, needless to say, I don’t like this site. I did take the tour and the concept is neat. But, I don’t know if I would use it again.

  33. InsaneLibraryLady Says:

    I liked exploring Slideshare and I agree with a fellow poster that it would be great for sharing Power Point presentations for staff and for training. I will recommend it to our local homeschoolers also who share among themselves information for their schooling when they share their subjects. It was interesting and I may add it to my private blog.

  34. HeatherTowers Says:

    I loved slideshare! I have used it before in both sharing and borrowing presentations but in a previous industry I worked in. I could see the use in this for library systems as well.

  35. sandyr Says:

    I too, was unable to get SlideShare to work consistently. I was able to create an account, but then could not get the page to load when I signed back in, later, in spite of trying several times. I can see how it could be useful as an online teaching/learning tool when sharing presentations that are not on the library’s local network.

  36. dragonfly27 Says:

    I can see the usefulness in Slideshare. It looks easy to upload, and what a great way to share your presentation without having to e-mail these huge files! However, I think the site has some technical hang-ups. I tried first to access it yesterday, and the URL said I was on slideshare, but the screen was blank. I tried it in 2 browsers, no dice. Today, I was able to get on, but the first time I click on something, I got an error and had to refresh the page. I then viewed a couple of slideshows, and now I’m getting the message that the side is down for maintenance and try later. 10:45 AM is a bad time to do website maintenance. I probably won’t be using this site unless directed to go there to view someone’s presentation.

  37. Richard Says:

    The site could be useful for business applications, but I don’t see much relevance for libraries. It might be useful in some way for us, but it isn’t coming to me right now. There was an inspirational presentation I watched which was very good actually, so maybe I need to explore in more depth.

  38. Sherry Says:

    I enjoyed going into slideshare and exploring, although when it came to uploading, it seemed to be particularly picky, I found that the item must be specifically formatted. I had difficulty in the site accepting what I wanted to upload,, (all the items I tried to upload have already been uploaded on my blog previously). It seems like a great tool to use when info sharing and I liked the fact that there is an application for facebook but it seems like it’s one of those things where the info/data that you want to share with others, then all others need to be on the same site, or page so to speak. This application would be a great help with individuals who email a lot of presentations out but for my individual needs, not so much.

  39. AmandaW Says:

    I think this would be a great resource for trainings, especially for those who cannot travel for trainings. Also, I can see this as a benefit for online learners and distance classes.

  40. Jeanne Trice Says:

    I struggled a bit with this one as well, but I enjoyed browsing through the material that was posted on the site. I can see where it would be useful for sharing in long-distance and online training.

  41. Mysterylover Says:

    I really like this technology. It is fairly easy to use…I couldn’t believe how easy it was to put a slideshow on the sidebar of my blog!
    This technology offers many opportunities for sharing presentations, both with people viewing them for the first time, as well as allowing people who attended a workshop or class to view the presentation again at their leisure. This would be great for distance learning, homeschoolers, etc.

  42. bookbliss Says:

    I really like Slideshare. It’s an interesting way to share and gain information. I found a library Staff Day slideshow and some other training presentations that could give us ideas for our own system. That’s pretty cool. I had never heard of this site before, but it’s another new and useful discovery I will keep in mind for the future.

  43. Ponyahhn Says:

    I agree with a lot of the previous posts about the possible uses of Slideshare (a good backup of a presentation, would help when you need to share slides with other people, good for training, etc). I enjoyed exploring the many slideshows available. We could create a slideshow of historical pictures of the library and put a link to the slideshow on our website. We could also generate interest in upcoming programs by creating relevant slideshows.

  44. John Says:

    This is a great way to get your presentation out and make it available to everyone without having to make lots of copies before or after your presentation. Because you can post slideshows on facebook and your blog its another good example of write once and read many times in many formats.

  45. Lisamck Says:

    I’ve actually used Slideshare before in posting some content from a workshop. This tool could be useful, especially when you think about doing outreach visits to locations where the technology is relatively unknown. Will they have Powerpoint on their laptop so that I can show my presentation? With slideshare, as long as there is an internet connection, that would probably help in that scenario.

  46. John Says:

    SlideShare Ribbon Puts Web Sharing Tools in PowerPoint

    see more at

  47. MSebly Says:

    I thought this was a great idea, especially if you work in an organization that has many different branches or hubs.

    I could not embed any slide show due to the fact that it was just taking too long to get the code.

  48. Mally Says:

    I liked Slide Share, especially the diy information instruction examples. I think it would be useful for Tech Services to show examples of how materials need to be processed so that our procedures are consistent.

  49. Jeri Says:

    I could see using something like SlideShare for training purposes – especially using slidecasting. I can also see it being useful in creating a slideshow as a group process with the comment feature. I love the idea of going to the site to view a presentation I missed. I am pretty sure that this site or soemthing like it will be something I will use for traning or instructing on procedure.

  50. Pam Says:

    Slideshare would be great for doing in-house training. It is a wonderful way to share slideshows in the workplace and for educational purposes. I like the idea that is can be used both publicly or privately.

  51. rosesmom Says:

    I enjoyed playing around on here. I even went as far as to upload some pictures BUT..when I went to sign up for the free account, it kept telling me the log in was incorrect..user name was incorrect..and user name was already taken. I’ll try it again after work this evening. I’m a big fan of photostory…not such a fan of social networking. We’ll see.

  52. rosesmom Says:


  53. lindalu Says:

    I can see uses for SlideShare on library webpages for training and wayfinding purposes. A simple tour of a library could be incorporated into a services blog or such. The “share” part of this service is strong.

    The assignment to incorporate a presentation into our own blog caused me to do a little reviewing, not having touched my blog for quite a while. I used an easily retrieved presentation directly from SlideShare, and now my blog is updated with a Dewey Decimal instruction as well as one new photo.

  54. Nancy Says:

    SlideShare is an environmentally friendly way to share documents. You don’t have to email your powerpoint file after a presentation nor print out notes. Most people are too busy to download files to read anyway.

    But if you email interested parties links to your presentations on SlideShare, it stays there, and they in turn can forward the links to others they know who would be interested.

    Also, you can opt to share your documents on Creative Common license so that others can modify your work to make it better or appropriate for the audience they would like to share them with.

    For me, I used slideShows to teach my children to cook their favourite dish, share useful or cost savings ideas or create handmade stuff with abandoned material aka waste material.

    I posted these on SlideShare so that I can get the HTML codes to post on my blogs. In the process, I make many new friends from SildeShare who share my interest and discover slideshow that are useful for my blogs.

  55. Janice Says:

    This was an interesting place to browse different topics. I found some interesting slide shows. Once again, I don’t feel visionary enough to conceive of many ways to use it at the library. If one were working with a group on some kind of project, it would be a good place to collaborate if slideshow/powerpoint were going to be the end product.

  56. Nancy Says:

    If you have a problem getting children to read a book, put the storyline on slides with interesting pictures to go. That should generate an interest in the children to find the book in the library to read.

    You can find many stories in slides posted at the following link:

    Example of stories are:

    Animal Farm

    Who Moved My Cheese

    Here are two slideshows that teach children how to write their own stories:

  57. Maryland Says:

    I enjoyed browsing some of the slideshows, but missed having audio on any of the ones I watched. I can see uses for sharing presentations among a group or team and staff training. Otherwise, there a many options for creating presentations and saving them so this didn’t seem to be something I’d use myself.

  58. Accidental Librarian Says:

    You can find my comments on this tool at:

  59. Accidental Librarian Says:

    Oops! Bad web address in comment above. View my blog at You can also see the slide show I share on the left hand side.

  60. webpage Says:

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