Thing 4a – Jott


Is Jott something you would use in your personal life?  Is Jott the answer we’ve been looking for to get our patrons to return their library items on time? 🙂


51 Responses to “Thing 4a – Jott”

  1. Richard Says:

    I set up a Jott account through my cellphone and recorded two messages thus far. On the second message there were some “sorry, I didn’t get that” messages even though I spoke clearly. Eastern Shore AT&T cellular service, however, isn’t exactly known for it’s audio quality, so that could have been a factor.

    On the first message, the Jott email reminder misspelled the name that I recorded, but it was very and the name was unusual. I will actually use it for work related memos. When I wake up at 3 a.m. with a work thought, I’ll grab the cell phone next to me and speak my message rather than login to my desktop. Yep, I’ll use Jott for work and personal use. We already offer a customer email reminder for date due, so at this point I don’t think Jott will be used in our system.

  2. Joseph Berger Says:

    Same result as Richard on the Eastern Shore. The problem was that the audio quality on my high-end Motorola via AT&T Mobility is so poor that my simple voice message was also misread by Jott’s transcription system.

  3. shannonmc Says:

    I used my work phone number when registering and it did not seem to work. Because different (unpublished extensions) come through when calling from our branch I think the Jott system was unable to validate my phone number as being accurate. At least that is what I am assuming that to be the issue. Unfortunately I do not have a cell phone to use for this trial.

  4. Regina Spiker Says:

  5. ABG Julia's Blog Says:

    I thought this could be a really useful tool for anyone wanting to make/remember odd thoughts/notes. I am very much against people messing about with things in cars when they should be driving & concentrating on the road. I would hope that anyone using this while in their car will remember where they are & not get too distracted. It could have a library application, if customers wanted our messages on their cell phones. We already send out email reminders to those people who want them, so am not sure if we would need to do it by phone also.

  6. Janet Says:

    I was unable to login in on Jott account I don’t have a cell phone to try the jott on. I did find this site interesting and will probably visit it again in the future.

  7. AMartin Says:

  8. sunflower Says:

    Jott is an interesting concept. I’m not sure if this is something I would really think of to use. It seems like it would be for multi-taskers in their cars or other places without pencil or pen. Thanks for presenting this idea, however.

  9. Rusty Says:

    Jott was an interesting “Thing” for me. When I first stated “jot thing” like you are suppose to in the toll-free phone number, the computerized voice stated something like, “Sorry, I did not recognize that.” So I tried again and it worked fine. I wonder how it works for people with accents of the deep South or New England?! I’m not sure where calling a phone number on your cell in your car and making a voice message is any less distracting than actually writing a note to yourself. As far as getting up in the middle of the night (when I usually remember to do things for the next day) to “jot” a note by speaking loudly and clearly into my cell phone, I don’t think my husband would like that too much, nor would I if he did it! Since we already have email notification to our customers for overdue materials, I don’t see where Jot would be any more beneficial. Bottom line: interesting piece of technology but I can’t find a real need for it.

  10. ReluctantBlogger Says:

    After some initial trouble, I was able to create an account and send myself a note, a reminder, and an item to add to the list. In answer to previous comments, I speak with a foreign accent, and everything I said was recognized OK. I have already used it for non-training purposes, and I will probably use it in the future a lot, since I am always looking for a new and improved way of reminding myself to do things. I don’t think that the way it is set up know is going to have much use in the library system, and I don’t see it staying free for much longer to invest time in trying to adapt it to the library needs.

  11. rosesmom Says:

    I would use Jott for personal use rather than library use. I signed up for the basic account, left my message and within half a minute there it was in my email. I like how it’s set up and just like Outlook, has a task list. I have a sorta/kinda New England accent and had no problem with my messages. I agree with the comments about phoning while driving so I would have to hold that thought and hope I remember what I wanted to Jott!

  12. John Says:

    I used jott for a period of time because I would always get ideas when I was driving. I would tap the jott icon and speak my note. I really liked that it translated my voice into text and delivered it to my email where I could put it in the right spot on my to do list. When they upgraded the app, the translate to email feature got bumped to the paid subscription level and I dropped out. I use a service called note2self now which delivers the sound file as an attachment to an email. almost as good,but not quite.

    Anyway I think Jott is a good intro to voice commands and speech recognition as the keyboard may fade away as the method to input data or commands into your pc.

  13. dragonfly27 Says:

    I set up a Jott account, and put the library’s phone number in as the number I would be calling from. Then, when I went to call Jott to verify my account, the phone picked up on another of the 5 lines the library has, so I had to wait for the line I designated in Jott to be free. Once that happened, I got through and left myself some notes.

    While I thought Jott was interesting, I won’t be using it. I am VERY attached to my little paper calendar, refer to it constantly, and stick notes and reminders to myself in there. I was incredibly impressed by the accuracy of the voice recognition…..out of the 3 reminders that I left, only one word got messed up. It recorded me as saying “lunching” instead of “luncheon.”

  14. Virginia Hyde Says:

    I really liked jott. it was easy to setup and use. this will be great to remind me of meetings and workshops. It will be usefull

  15. Carl Emerick Says:

    It was fun and even though the names they recorded are incorrect,I’d still know what they were reminding me of.
    My Pennsylvania/Maryland accent must’ve thrown them….

  16. jeannetrice Says:

    I love the idea of Jott, especially for someone as forgetful as I have recently become. What a great tool to be able to call and leave myself a reminder! However, I live in an area of truly dismal cell reception, and upon reading some of the comments, realized the weak link in the system. I have confidence that technology will continue to improve locally until these things work as they are supposed to.

  17. Gentlewinds Says:

    I liked learning about Jott and did set up an account. Like many others, I experienced problems with Jott understanding my message, but was eventually successful. Also since I pay by the minute for cell calls, I prefer to use paper and pencil to write notes.

    In the library, it could be useful at meetings as a way to remember priority tasks when one returns to the office. I am glad I know this tool is available, even though I will not be using it in the near future.

  18. milt Says:

    Jott was a fairly easy to use program, but I don’t really see myself using it…..let alone if they are evenutally going to charge you for it. Again, I just use the post it note widget on my laptop for reminders.

    Also, most cell phones nowadays allow you to program reminders to yourself, granted they are in text, so the only people that might really benefit from using Jott are those who are constantly on the run and have a ton of things that they need to multitask.

    I guess some patrons might like Jott to help them remember when their books are due, but I honestly don’t see a whole lot of people signing up to use the program.

  19. Sherry Dickens Says:

    I wasn’t able to get in to give it a try, but I did a little research on it, it sounds good for those people who need to stay connected to other places and/or people, I wouldn’t use it for personal use but I can see where Jott would benefit others.

  20. Jackie Cassidy Says:

    Well, I really like Jott. The premium service has a lot of bells and whistles that would make it great for work. Adding tasks, memos and appointments to Outlook or Google Calendar using your phone would be so convenient. Online calendar accessibility is greatly increased by a service like this. Do you think the library system would purchase or contribute toward the paid plan instead of ordering paper calendars for staff?
    As far as are patrons go, we should consider more programs that expose these great new internet tools to them. I am sure some would benefit by using Jott for all sorts of reminders.

  21. Marilou Russ Says:

    Jott will be a good tool for me personally but as far as a library tool I’m not so sure. I recorded several notes and reminders. The shorter the better the results. I would like to set up contacts but once again I don’t know to what degree I want my cell phone number out there for people to link.

    I would think that our customers would love to find out about it and use it for themselves and for our use it would mean reminders that we have already set up for them through their email accts. So that would need to be re-evaluated.

    Fun activity!

  22. Mally Says:

    I like the idea of calling in reminders to myself, especially in the middle of the night.
    I thought it might be useful for my husband when he is on the road so he could call and leave an email reminder for himself. Having another email site to check on is not convenient. He already calls and leaves messages on our phone message machine which is more useful to him.

  23. Jo Says:

    Jo digs Jott:

  24. JessNhem Says:

    I explored Jott, but did not register for an account.

    It is not something that I would use. To me it would be easier to just write the note on paper, or on my calendar, or email myself from my cellphone. This might come in more handy if cell-phone use and driving is outlawed. But, as of now I am a text-and-driving person and will stick to it.

  25. D. Sebly Says:

    I am picking up on these past weeks’ tasks a bit late because I was out of town and then had a major office reorganization going on, with no computer access, so I just got around to playing with Jott this morning. I think it’s a great service, if I don’t mind risking my life in the car, using my cell phone to leave a Jott message, while I’m driving somewhere. But hey, I could pull off to the side of the road first, I suppose, before making any Jott contacts. I just so often have those sudden great ideas while I’m in my car, or when I discover that I don’t have a pen, or more unlikely, but it happens, when I haven’t a single slip of paper to write something on. So Jott has its place for sure in my life!

  26. Michelle Sebly Says:

    I had fun fiddling with this for one day, but cannot see it becoming a permanent fixture in my personal or professional life.

    1. Like many people, I don’t have a cell phone, and do not want one. So that alone makes this beyond my realm of need anyway.

    2. If I do need to send myself a reminder while I”m at work, I am happy with my current method, which is either emailing myself or leaving a voice mail message on our home phone.

    3. I don’t clutter my life up with reminders from a moving vehicle anyway. If I am driving somewhere, I figure that if it is something important I will either remember it or think it’s so important that I pull over and write myself a note.

    4. LIbrary patrons can’t even keep track of their date due receipts. I have my doubts as to their capability to keep track of one more password, one more account, and etc. Plus, in our system, we already email them reminders. In that particular case, Jott would be creating a middle man for them that is not even necessary.

    I enjoyed John’s comments …. in a job position such as his, Jott is probably invaluable. And I agree with him about it being a good introduction to voice command systems.

    As far as my personal life goes, I strive to keep things balanced and simple, and I can’t see Jott doing anything but counter-acting that endeavor. So I doubt I would use it. Looks like it might be helpful for other people though.

  27. KristinB Says:

    After some initial trouble setting up my account (I didn’t realize at the time that I had used my old New York home phone number instead of my cell phone number – they are the same area code and I wasn’t thinking), I had an excellent time using Jott. It was fun! I ended up sending myself two messages because I was just amazed at the speed in which they arrived in my inbox. There were only a couple of mistakes (like they transcribed Jenn into Ken, which made for a more interesting message, I must say), but they were both on names. Perhaps a tool like this would help with better prononciation. Couldn’t you just see it being used by speech therapists? Well, maybe not.

    I’m not sure how much I would use this in my professional life. But, it would probably help with my “scrap paper” problem. Especially if there is a book title I see at a store or another library and I want to remember to look into when I have more time. Times like that, I generally don’t have a piece of paper handy to write down what I need to remember. So it would be very useful to have an option to send it to my email. As long as I remember to speak clearly!

  28. Amanda W Says:

    I like the idea of jott, I just wish that it was capable of sending an email transcript instead of to a jott account. I would use it that way. I don’t talk much while I’m driving. Like Jessica, I would just rather write myself a sticky note…or email myself like I already do.

  29. LibraryLady Says:

    Pretty neat trick. Not sure how often I would use it, but I like knowing it is there. I did save the number in my cell phone so who knows? maybe I will use it one day. We tend to call ourselves at home and leave voicemail reminders if we have something important to remember and we are out and about, so I am already in the habit of calling a number to leave a reminder….Just a different number to call.

  30. Michelle_N Says:

    I am more of a Luddite than I had envisioned. In theory this is a great idea. Yet I am resistant. I don’t want a company to have access to my cell phone number so I registered from a library phone, so how useful will that be? Not very. When I recorded my message it changed log to blog. And using the free account I must log in to Jott to access my message. Well, it is tiresome to create all these accounts that you have to keep track of. I will remember this technology and share with customers if given the opportunity but I do not see myself using it nor a way for the library to use it.

  31. Mysterylover Says:

    Jott is an interesting tool, but I don’t see myself using it. Maybe it’s a question of getting used to it, but for me, it’s just easier to grab a pencil and paper to write down what I need to remember. Jackie commented that the premium service has some wonderful features including calendars, etc. and she wondered if the library system would ever exchange something like this for the physical calendars we all get now. Personally, I prefer to carry my calendar with me, which I can add appointments and reminders to by simply grabbing it and a pen. I like having that available to me, whether I have computer access or not. I hesitate putting my entire life on a computer…what if it crashes? I don’t like be that dependent on a machine.
    As for using it in the library, other than for use by librarians if this is a technology they wish to use for themselves, I don’t really see how it can be used.
    This is definitely and interesting concept, and someone blogged that it is an introduction to voice command systems, something we are certain to hear more about, I’m sure. So it’s good to get familiar with the concept.

  32. christykoch Says:

    I thought Jott was pretty neat. It sent the message to my Jott account really quickly, and, although they don’t have email updates for free accounts, how hard is it really to log into a different website. What, it takes 2 minutes extra? I might use this, but I don’t really see a practical use for libraries.

  33. Jeri Says:

    What a fun tool! I set it up using my cell phone. Hope I don’t get spammed or billed 🙂 I can see using this – at least until it is no longer free. I tried it out and the message was received perfectly. I usually use my cell phone calendar/reminder system but this would be handy also. Jessica – PLEASE don’t text and drive! I need you!

  34. Etta Place Says:

    I explored Jott and think it sounds like a great tool for a person who lives and/or works in a fast-paced environment. I don’t think it’s anything I have a need for in my work or personal life. However, I can see where my son would think it was great and probably use it a lot.

    Coming from the generation that didn’t have computers or cell phones in school, I think we have the luxury of picking and choosing which technology that we want in our lives. Being on the down side of life and work, it’s sometimes hard to get excited about these incredible inventions that don’t really fit in our lives at work or home. It’s still fun to learn about them and good to be aware of what’s available. But I don’t think we should put any pressure on ourselves to “have to” use it.

  35. CSmith Says:

    I just put Jott on my cel phone and am going to see if I use it. It is neat how it works. There are times I have no pen, paper, computer or anything and i may actually use this. I am naturally disorganized so this is going to be an interesting experiment. My guess is that I won’t use it that much. After I pull out my phone, find the number on my contacts, dial the number and then talk to the lady, I bet I will forget what i was going to say. I’m not sure how to use this in a professional setting. we will see!

  36. DBennett Says:

    It was fun exploring it, but like others mentioned, I’m fine with just jotting a note on old fashioned paper at this point. I also totally agree that this should not be one more multitasking tool in the car. And like Etta said, good to know about all these many tools, but it doesn’t mean we have to use them all.:)

  37. Ann Drake Says:

    Well, I attempted to access the site but our filter came up and blocked it. I didn’t feel comfortable using my cell phone number and was going to try to use the work phone number instead. I would have used my work e-mail address. From what I read on the Maryland Learning site, I think it could be really useful, especially if you are traveling and in the car as some people said, and didn’t want to forget something. I am trying to think how we could use it in the library, maybe during workshops to remind ourselves of something, I don’t know. I don’t know that it would be valuable as a library tool, except in having some knowledge of it in case a patron asks about it. Also, it could be distracting to use it in a car, if you are the driver, and not quite safe. It would be something I might use personally as I have brain blips like everyone else.

  38. Spero Says:

    I really have to test this. A handy tool for writers who walk around with tibbits of sentences or who are constantly editing their work in their brain. I’m sure its helpful in starting to do & remember this lists. Perhaps a journalist would find this invaluable.

  39. Rainey Says:

    Some of Jott is an interesting concpt; but not new. I already use my bluetooth in the car and can record messages, make and receive calls handsfree through my car and blackberry. One feature I can’t do with my car is connect to the web with my car. However, I can use my GPS to find any thing any where. Who says multi-tasking is for the young> I say it is for the young at heart! But is it safe?? Who, back in the day, would have thought we would be doing all this stuff!

  40. madstrawberrygrrlll Says:

    No good getting into it, but I think the basic idea is really a handy one! I can see busy on-the-go people on their cell phones using something like this all the time… though suddenly that’s conjuring up images of someone yakking away on the phone in the middle of rush hour traffic. Hmm… 😉

    Seriously, though, I think it’s a very useful service – though I don’t see this being free for long at all. And I wouldn’t find it very useful for my work at the library however. Personal life, maybe. I really wonder what a patron would feel about getting a reminder like this…?

  41. HeatherTowers Says:

    Jot is quite unique but I am not sure about the website itself. I didn’t like all the process of doing this back and forth stuff. I don’t think I would use this service.

  42. crabbylibrarian Says:

    My Jott experience was a disaster. I couldn’t understand the automated voice and not surprisingly the automated voice did not respond well to any of the prompts that I tried to use. So on to money management…

  43. bookbliss Says:

    I can see some usefulness to Jott, but not for me personally. As far as the library goes, I suppose it COULD be a good tool for getting patrons to return things, 🙂 but I’m not sure how else we could put it to use. I might recommend it to my friends and family who like to try out new technology (and who need help remembering things!) But I personally still prefer to just “jot” down my notes and lists on good old paper or post-its…but that’s just me!

  44. Lisamck Says:

    I didn’t actually get to set up a Jott account because the Websense blocker was detecting something it didn’t like, but I did get to watch the video to learn more about it. I have to say that I’m not sure how useful it would be for me to use–I’m more of a paper note person. But for those who would travel a lot for business, I can see where having the ability to use voice to set reminders would perhaps be more useful.

  45. PMalasky Says:

    I thought Jott was really a good idea, but very doubtful if I would use it. Of course there are many technical ideas I use today and would never have dreamed of using earlier. So who knows, but it is a great tool. I love passing on good tools so I will send this link to many friends and family members.

  46. Accidental Librarian Says:

    I could see using Jott for personal use occasionally. I often think of things that I want to tell someone else when that person is not around or a book I want to add to my list for future reading when I am not near a computer. I could Jott these things and then I would have them on my Jott notes when I got around to reading Jott notes. I do not see it as a practical way for the library to communicate with patrons, but if patrons would use it to record their own items borrowed and/or due dates, they might find themselves more organized.

  47. sandyr Says:

    I love the idea of Jott! I put the number on my speed dial and will try it out, especially when and where note-taking is not convenient. I like texting, but my phone really is not texting-friendly, and I think Jott will be faster and easier. I also like the reminder feature that will send a message to your phone. Pretty cool!

  48. Pam Says:

    I do not think that I would really use Jott. It would be great tool for people on the go to be able to jot messages to retrieve later. I guess I am use to writing down everything I need to do or remember.

  49. Maryland Says:

    I signed up for the Jott account, alas the free email is gone by this time. I used my personal laptop and cell phone and had no problems at all. The message I left was available immediately. I don’t see this as something I would use frequently, but I think its as neat as all get out that they can transcribe it that quickly!

  50. lindalu Says:

    I had no problems signing up for a Jott account, and, although I haven’t actually used the service beyond a couple of test messages, I do get a gratifying email every Monday morning giving me the current status (of no messages. . .). If I remember that I have the account (!!), I think that Jott could help keep me on task and on target with to-do’s and memory joggers.

  51. jodielynn Says:

    I didn’t have any problems with Jott and I think it’s very interesting. I don’t think I would use it personally because if I had my phone but no pen or paper I think it would be easier to just text myself. It’s very interesting technology and maybe it can be developed more, but right now I don’t think it would help much with reminding patrons about overdue items. I think they like the phone calls and emails.

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