We are at 30 comments about Thing 1 — Letter Pop


I continue to be amazed at the observations by the staff participating in Maryland Libraries Learning 2.1.

I hope that you continue to completely express your ideas about each thing in a paragraph or two.

A sentence or two as an entire response does not help to extend and deepen the conversation.   As a Learning 2.1 explorer you should do your best to answer all of the questions of the discovery exercises at with a little length and thought.

Keep up the GREAT work!



3 Responses to “We are at 30 comments about Thing 1 — Letter Pop”

  1. Jennifer Ranck Says:

    I agree Maurice. I really enjoy this kind of collaborative learning. Not only do I learn a lot more but it makes me willing to try new things!

  2. Sherry Dickens Says:

    As a whole I love the idea of collective perspectives on one subject matter, it’s wonderful to see the input of so many different individuals, that in and of itself is a learning experience.

  3. Spero Says:

    Hey, this is fun! Great tool for publishing group invites with a unique url and people comment right there – BAM!

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