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  1. D. Sebly Says:

    Hi, I played around with Plaxo last week because I’ll be on vacation for a couple of weeks in October and did not want to fall too far behind. Anyway, I like the idea of having my calendar available no matter where I am. I’m a little divided about this service. On one hand, I like being able to see my work Outlook calendar, since I did the overlay; on the other hand, I want to make sure I keep all of this private. But a Plaxo account begs to be shared. So I think I’ll keep it going for the duration of our Web 2.1 exercise and then decide if I want to eliminate my account.

    I was surprised, however, at how many of my contacts already have Plaxo pages. Hmmmm…I guess they were onto something long before me.

  2. Ponyahhn Says:

    I enjoy learning about things like this, but since I don’t use my Outlook calendar, or have a MySpace or Facebook page, I don’t have much to connect to. When prompted to announce to the world what I was doing at that moment, I told Plaxo that I am old enough to not feel a compulsion to tell everyone what I am doing at any given moment. I can see how someone who is using 20-30 different websites/devices etc. might want a place to pull them all together, but I am still a paper kind of person.

  3. dragonfly27 Says:

    Plaxo seemed to me like Facebook with a calendar. I already use Facebook to connect w. family and friends, so I didn’t want to use it for social connections. I spent a lot of time experimenting with the calendar, though. I really liked the countdown, because holidays and special occassions always seem to sneak up on me. I added some events, made some recurring, made two calendars, and overlayed them. I’m still married to my paper calendar, though, and can’t see switching to something digital anytime soon. While Plaxo was a neat site to visit, it just wasn’t for me.

  4. ReluctantBlogger Says:

    I diligently did everything that was asked of me, but I don’t use any electronic calendars, and I’m not going to start with Plaxo. I don’t use MySpace or Facebook to stay connected – I like old-fashioned emails (old-fashioned? oh my, how time flies!), so again, I’m not tempted. Plaxo was easy to use and some screens reminded me the layout of web-based Outlook. It is very convenient that it can be sync’ed with a variety of electronic calendars. I wonder how secure it is? If I chose to import my Outlook contacts from work, would that make the whole network less secure? I hope the creators have considered all unintended consequences of their program communicating with other programs that can be password-protected.

  5. ABG Julia's Blog Says:

    I liked the Plaxo calendar. I thought it was fun to use, but will still keep a paper desk diary because these things online only work if the system is working & the computers are not down. The social networking site was OK, but aren’t there so many of them now? Just how many do we all need? And aren’t we actually supposed to be working while at work, not connecting with all our ‘friends.’ I liked the Remember the Milk calendar also, although Plaxo may be a better site. Jotlet looked unfinished to me as if they are still working to build the site. I think if you have a lot of things you want to tie together, then Plaxo may be good for that. Personally I don’t want to section off my days into timed intervals – where is the space for spontaneity, creativity, fun or down time? And I don’t need to tell people what I am doing or where I am or even who I am. My friends & family get that information on a need to know basis.

  6. forestlover Says:

    Plaxo was fun to explore. I was surprised to see that two of my family members have Plaxo accounts. I also thought it was interesting to see all the names that came up when I put in my education background, Michigan State University. The calendar- I put in some birthdates of fellow staff members and some work project deadlines then overlaid them. I doubt that I’ll use this at this time in my life, but it may come in handy later when I can’t remember things as well. If you are a list maker you would probably love Plaxo. You could keep track of all sorts of tasks.

  7. Regina Spiker Says:

  8. Peggy M. Says:

    I visited Plaxo and reunited myself with my blog that was set up in 23 things. Taking the time to gather all my information in one place would make my online life easier. I do not participate in Face Book and so for me this may be a nice place for my family to meet up and catch up with pictures, etc. I am not sure about the security though and that would be important. My computer has had it’s share of viruses and I do not wish to invite any more into my home. The calendar was a nice idea, but not too user friendly. I couldn’t change the pictures and going back and forth while setting it up was cumbersome. It may be a site I use in the future, but at the present my school work is so time consuming this will have to be on the back burner.

  9. Jackie Cassidy Says:

    I like the Plaxo calendar. I thought it was easy to use and had many good functions. I think that I will continue to use it, especially to coordinate my work, husband’s work, family appointments, etc. All I need now is a Blackberry for easier access. Could this be are next completion incentive? ;~)
    I’m not really into the social networking at this point in my life, but I can see the advantages for libraries that have Facebook and Myspace and Youtube accounts.

  10. sunflower Says:

    I found Plaxo interesting. The calendar may be useful. It seems like Facebook but I don’t use much in the way of social networking. It may be something I use in the future. It’s good to know how it works.

  11. processingwoman Says:

    Well I worked on Plaxo like everyone else and found it to be exactly what everyone else has already said. I tried using my Outlook calendar once upon a time and found it do be lacking. And I also don’t like to use a computer calendar. I did have a fun time checking out all the things it has to offer and it is a lot more interesting than Outlook.

  12. sunshine Says:

    Plaxo was a nice place to visit. I am a user of Facebook but I am not liking combining of other accounts and the linking of yahoo, flicker etc.. to my info. it gives me a sync-ing feeling.

    I did play around about with the calendar and set some dates, sent an e-card from there which again had another email account linked to it. I have been using ZIMBRA email at work and have set up calendars and contacts there as well. Doing this too many times leaves me wondering where, when and what I’m suppose to do on any particular day.

  13. donut1288 Says:

    I did a little experimenting with Plaxo. I am not very fond on electronic calendars, I tend to still like the old fashioned calendar on the fridge, although I did plug in a few dates. I do want to take a little more time in the future to really see what Plaxo has to offer. Maybe connect to others on other sites, like MySpace. As far as blogs go, I still like Bloglines alot, (that I learned from the 23 things), and I use it every day. So I am probably going to stick with bloglines for now.

  14. amanda c. Says:

    OK, I checked out Plaxo & my first impression was not overwhelmingly positive, but that may be because I don’t regularly use SNS. I do have a Twitter account, and a Facebook account, but I don’t use them that much. And for my calendar, I use Zimbra calendar, through my Zimbra account at work, and I didn’t see that I could sync that. I definitely don’t want to start a new calendar; I would get too confused.
    I can see how this site would be useful, as Jennifer said if you’re a teen librarian with a web presence on multiple SNS it would be handy to be able to check them all in one place. And if you wanted to use this calendar service, it does seem fine.
    I have to admit that with to-do lists I’m terribly old fashioned. I tried Remember the Milk about 2 weeks ago, but I never really stuck with it. For now I still rely on pen & paper for to-do lists. Not sure why, but it works for me right now.

  15. westernmdjennifer Says:

    As another learner previously commented, I found Plaxo to be very remininscent of Facebook. The calendar feature reminded a lot of ones that I’ve used in wikis, such as PBwiki. I think that Plaxo addresses a real need with all of the social networking sites and other Web 2.0 technology sites out there – the need for an aggregator for all of our accounts. You create these accounts and then what? It’s hard to keep track of multiple passwords. While linking my Plaxo account to my Flickr account I couldn’t for the life of me remember my Yahoo account and had to use the username reminder feature. I finally got my username after multiple guesses!
    I do like the calendar share feature and can see uses for this in the library systems, especially in regards to meeting room bookings. The meeting rooms are used heavily and paper calendars are currently used to track bookings, contact info, etc. It would be great to replace or supplement those paper calendars with something online that could be easily accessed and edited by all library staff.

  16. Amanda W Says:

    Plaxo reminded me alot of other social networking sites, especially facebook. I don’t care much for the set-up and found the site not to be very user friendly. I’m not much on everyone in internet land to know my virtual footprints, so I’m not big on the idea that it links all my accounts together. The calendar was okay but I use other programs to remind me of important dates. And like others have said, I am very much a pen and paper kind of person when it comes to to-do lists. I doubt that I will use this site.

  17. JessNhem Says:

    Again, I am going to follow the crowd on this. I did not love Plaxo. It did really remind me of facebook. And, I felt uncomfortable adding all of my passwords and information onto one site.

    I don’t use calendars in general, so that tool that some found useful was not that interesting to me. But, my favorite thing was the option to become a fan of certain TV shows. It is on the top right hand corner of the page. I became a fan of Family Guy and got to watch some episodes for free and no hassle, which was nice.

    Amanda C sent me a message asking to be a business contact, and honestly I have not accepted yet, because I can barely keep up with all of my accounts and profiles as it is, I don’t need another one.

    But, I did like the opportunity to explore it.

  18. Michelle_N Says:

    From reading everyone’s comments I did not think I would like Plaxo but I did. Now, I don’t have a Facebook page so it may have seemed redundant if I had. I am not comfortable linking everything together nor do I rely on technology to keep me organized or informed of everyone else’s moves so I probably will not keep up with my account. It was fun to set up and the calendar was easy to use; I just don’t really have a need.

  19. shannonmc Says:

    I am already a member of Facebook and barely know how to use that so the social/connecting aspect of Plaxo was not that appealing. As for the calendar functions, they work ok. I struggled a bit to figure out the categories and overlaying. I don’t use any type of electronic calendar so my learning curve is a bit steeper. I did not see where the task due date made it to the calendar. I think this would be a nice feature. A one stop to see all you need to do and be thinking about. The task feature is cute in how it crosses it self out but personally I like the satisfaction I get from doing my own crossing off of lists.

  20. Jennifer Ranck Says:

    I agree with Shannonmc, there is something so satisfying about physically crossing off items on a list. Now, what that says about my personality, I don’t know – but I love drawing that line. 🙂

  21. Etta Place Says:

    I signed up on Plaxco, but don’t use any other “thing” to add to it. I did import my calendar from Outlook with appointments for home, work and reoccuring events. I checked it out in the daily weekly monthly & upcoming views. I added some birthdays with countdowns and made some notes with pink ink! I made a task list and also enjoyed checking off the tasks and seeing the line appear. I invited some coworker to join me on pulse and they did. When we were all on together, the pulsing was more fun. I just don’t think that my life is that interesting that people would want to keep tabs on what I’m doing. I’m also not that connected. I like my email and MySpace page and that’s about it. Must be a generational thing! I am after all, I am digital immigrant! I can see if you are connected all over the INternet this would be a great way to organize it all in one place.

  22. Etta Place Says:

    Couldn’t figure out the overlay part. can someone please enlighten me


  23. InsaneLibraryLady Says:

    I seem to be the only one that was “overwelmed” by Plaxo for some reason …but I’m sure it’s only me! I played around with it and also made a business connection and found out that my father has an account!! I put on a few events on my calender with the countdown and found that task an easy one. I was talked into making a MySpace page so I do keep up to date with friends & events with that site but I want to check out Facebook and compare it to this because the name was mentioned many times in previous comments. Maybe in the future when I have spare time on my side , I will explore Plaxo in more depth .

  24. milt Says:

    Plaxo was a pretty nice website and fairly easy to use. I never really got into Facebook or Myspace, but for people that use those kinds of sites, then this would be a really cool website for them. The calendar function is easy to use, but I honestly have a “gadget” of post it notes that I use on my desktop for reminders. The task list would be really helpful especially if you have a lot of different things going on the same day and you really have to time manage. I think our library could use the page to post about different things that are going on in the library or we could even use a Plaxo page for the adult book discussion group and the teen discussion group. The members of the groups could get a Plaxo page of there own, add the discussion group page, and be able to link up with everyone pretty easily.

  25. Joseph Berger Says:

    Plaxo’s Calendar feature (including the Task List) are its best features. Plaxo automatically insert newly added tasks in between previously entered tasks so that your list is always in chronological order according to days remaining to complete the task and you can also set the priority level (high-medium-low).

    This exercise will inspire me and my colleagues to use the Calendar and other organizing tools available on Microsoft Outlook. The free version of Plaxo is a 30-day trial. For the $50/yr fee, you can backup and recover your files, elminate duplicate contact information, access Plaxo through your cell phone, tech support, and “discounts for other services” (Comcast, new owner of Plaxo, probably sells your personal information to other direct marketers = more spam e-mail, yuk!)

    According to a May 14, 2008 article on, Comcast goes social with Plaxo acquisition (

    Comcast is adding a social dimension to its services through the acquisition of Plaxo, a deal the two companies announced Wednesday afternoon.

    Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the purchase price is thought to be in the $150 million to $170 million range.

    The acquisition is a big win for Plaxo, whose Pulse social network service, with 1.5 million active monthly users, has been overshadowed by the likes of Facebook and MySpace. It’s a smart move by Comcast, which can enhance the user experience across its 14 million high-speed Internet subscribers, 3 million voice customers, and 24.2 million cable subscribers.

    The acquisition is built on a preexisting relationship. In May 2007, Comcast partnered with Plaxo to offer a networked address book to subscribers of its various services. Comcast is Plaxo’s largest customer and partner, with Plaxo hosting all Comcast subscriber e-mail address book accounts.

    “The address book and Pulse combined will change the way people navigate through thousands of choices of content,” said Sam Schwartz, executive vice president of Comcast Interactive Media. “You could know what shows your friends are watching, what they are downloading or what they are recording on DVR. Plaxo can help us build that vision. It’s less about the portal and more about bringing the social aspects to all media consumption.”

    Plaxo’s software could also be applied to Comcast’s tru2Way project, which will allow developers to create applications that run on any set-top boxes.

    “Many users on Pulse share Flickr photos with their friends and family. We want to extend that sharing whether they are in front of the TV, on the phone or at the computer,” said Ben Golub, CEO of Plaxo. “Whether you are on Fandango (Comcast’s movie ticket service) or on demand TV, it gets that much better with social graph layered on top.”

    Acquiring Plaxo will help Comcast socialize its cable, voice, and Internet services, including FanCast. “FanCast is major initiative in last couple years,” Schwartz said. However, creating a user interface that can make sense out of all the content choices and devices will be even more difficult than creating a universal remote that a mere mortal could program and use.

    “We understand that consumers are looking in lots of places for content, and it should be tied into one easy-to-use interface. You can ask it where to get content and it will tell you if it’s on TV, in a theater, on demand, or on FanCast,” Schwartz added. “We are very much innovating in terms of how consumers manage content. With the choices becoming almost infinite, you need better ways to navigate. The key is making it simple for the user. Right now we are in period of time where users could be confused–did they order it on Netflix, did they buy it on iTunes, did a friend buy it, is it loaded on a DVR. We can help create the best possible environment for the consumer.”

    Plaxo includes features common features in today’s social networks.

    Plaxo will fall under Comcast Interactive Media, which is tasked with growing Comcast’s Internet business. “Pulse features will be turned on in some Comcast properties starting this year, but it is a multi-year strategy as we give the social media experience to all platforms we are on,” Schwartz said.

    Comcast could have chosen other routes to gain a social dimension, such as Google’s nascent Friend Connect. “Friend Connect is complementary to Plaxo Pulse. It’s trying to light up the long tail of the Web site. This is about making social media a natural part of the (Comcast) experience,” said John McCrea, vice president of marketing at Plaxo.

  26. Janet Says:

    I worked my way through the calendar. I did enjoy doing the profile. I wondered how that was done when we received notice at work that everyone had a profile. I did enjoy doing the profile and probably at this time not be using plaxo in my job duties.

  27. AMartin Says:

    Is it okay to just link to my work blog?

  28. Sherry Dickens Says:

    It seemed like a different version of facebook, with a few new tweaks added. I did like the idea that one’s networking sites were all together but then plaxo would not let me add myspace or bloglines to my websites. I tried several different ways to enter, it wouldn’t accept them. When I went to add myspace it prompted my nickname, I tried all the versions of “ridgerunner” and even copied and paste myspace URL that is supplied under my avatar, no go. Same thing with bloglines, I’ve had bloglines since I went through “23 Things”, it prompted for my user name, tried that, sign on, first name, pretty much tried it all like on myspace. It wouldn’t accept. I’ll ask for assistance to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong and finish filling plaxo out when I get more info. I approach these things as if I am brand new to it, (which in truth I really am), and to summarize; I think this site needs to be a little more user friendly, especially if your looking at someone who is a rookie to networking and I didn’t feel all that comfortable with the site after it prompted for so much personal information.

  29. Jennifer Ranck Says:

    Yes, AMartin, it’s fine to post your blog link – thanks for asking!

  30. Virginia Hyde Says:

    I liked plaxo, it is nice having everything in one place. I found it pretty simple to use, which is a plus for me!! The only thing I had problems with is, as usual, putting a photograph on my profile. this will be a work in progress for me. will keep working on it.

  31. Carl Emerick Says:

    Plaxo was great fun.I think this will be a very effective tool for future use!

  32. beachylibrarian Says:

    I agree with many of the previous posters – it’s a cute toy, but I don’t really have any use for these fun features. I do not belong to social networking sites such as Facebook (they seem like time wasters) and don’t keep an electronic calendar. I did think the calendar part was attractive, but I’m not interested in getting alot of messages from people I don’t know who have a “connection” with me via alma mater, etc.

  33. rosesmom Says:

    I don’t use Facebook; I’m not on Myspace very often and when I did this, I wasn’t on the machine that has my Outlook. I like this as well as the calendar in Outlook, though, and I like the networking part. If I don’t want everybody in the whole wide world to see my information, then I didn’t fill it in. I put my grands birthdays in( I do NOT need reminded of those!) and various dates and tasks. I think it’s easy to use.

  34. Cecelia Robeson Says:

    Plaxo was a fun site to explore. I was able to import my Gmail contacts, although I may have annoyed some of them when I accidentally sent out invitations to join Plaxo. Sorry guys! One of the dangers of trying to do online training while working is that you sometimes get distracted. I did create a Personal and a Work calendar and overlaid them. I created some tasks and enjoyed the satisfaction of crossing them off my list. I also played around with my profile; uploaded an image, and became a “fan” of some of my favorite shows.

    As to Plaxo’s usefulness to my library, I think that it would prove useful as a personal calendar to track my groups, meetings, appointments, and tasks, but I doubt that it will replace the little black calendar book that I carry with me everywhere. I do agree with westernmdjennifer above about the calendar share feature being useful in regards to meeting room bookings. An online calendar that could be easily accessed and edited by all staff would make this a very helpful tool in my facility.

  35. lindalu Says:

    I had looked at Remember the Milk when it was included in a Woman’s Day or Family Circle article on great things you can get for free. If I recall correctly, I thought it was pretty cute (maybe it was that cow. . .).

    Plaxo has more depth and breadth. I set up a calendar with family birthdays (a bunch in Oct. – Dec.!), personal non-work meetings, and some work deadlines. Countdowns are happening as I write.

    Because I use Outlook calendar pretty religiously, as do many at work, I’m not sure that Plaxo’s calendar will take its place there. It may be a pretty good (personal-use) adjunct, though.

    Setting up a profile was a lot like FaceBook, and I found an old friend there(connection) when Plaxo told me that she had signed up last summer. Someone above mentioned accidentally sending an invitation to join; I was worried about doing that or making other contacts that might have been annoying.

  36. Richard Says:

    Social networking has its purpose but thus far it hasn’t been something I’m overly interested in. I stick with the usual annoying cell phone call to friends and family along with traditional email. Plaxo held my interest, however. I experimented with the calendar, posted recurring event dates, did the countdown feature as well. Call me a Luddite, but I still use a conventional schedule planner because I can write in it when driving and it’s faster than turning on a computer just to find out where I’m supposed to be at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. It doesn’t have bells and whistles, but it functions. The only downside is if I lose it, I’m done. Still I see the advantages of Plaxo’s calendar, especially in a work setting. I added a photo of a guitar wizard to my profile that isn’t going to fool anyone.

  37. Jennie Says:

    Plaxo was pretty intuitive to use, and it was easy to add events, etc. I liked the fact that I could create birthday lists as countdowns, and the task feature was great-similar to Outlook. I considering having it sync to my Outlook Express, but I feel like I have so many calendars (in print at home on my wall, in Outlook, etc.) that I want to think more about combining everything. I tend to not use my PC as my main calendar-this is a personal preference.
    I do see this being very useful for an office enviroment-although we do currently use Outlook calendars, this might be more fun because I really like how the task feature works. We could use this as a pending “department to do list” or list of issues to discuss, etc.

  38. Gentlewinds Says:

    I have not been using Microsoft Outlook except for email so Plaxo was my first experience with a website calendar. I found it very easy to use. And especially liked the ability to create folders and overlay them as desired. I created family, personal, and work folders. Since I do not always work in the same location, I think having Plaxo will assist me in keeping track of requested changes in schedule.

    Social networking is currently not an interest so will not be using that feature. I do question the security in linking email accounts, etc. to Plaxo so decided not to do that.

    I could easily see Plaxo being used to track meeting room schedules in the various branches. (But, then we do have Outlook). It could be valuable for customers who want to see the programs in all the branches on a particular day. Also, if someone did not know the time or branch of a specific program, Plaxo would be a simple tool in which to find the information.

  39. Rusty Says:

    The calendar part of Plaxo was very easy to use but I’ll still keep my desktop paper calendar for quick look ups and in case computer is malfunctioning. I added both work and personal events and created a task list as well. I even experimented with the other social/ business parts of Plaxo such as “People” where I found an old close friend of mine that graduated from Loyola College with me. Under other HCPL co-workers, I only saw five other staff, which surprised me since there are already 38 responses posted here for Plaxo. Where are are the other folks? I sent messages (connected) with 3 of the other 5 staff members. Under “tools” I saw where there were e-cards but it was a 30 day trial period, which means they will cost after that so I think I’ll stick with Hallmark where some of the e-cards are always free. I also looked under the T.V. shows to see which full broadcasts you could watch but nothing much interested me there, except maybe American Idol. I think the calendar part of Plaxo is probably the most useful part for work related issues, but you might also get lucky for networking purposes as well.

  40. LisaM Says:

    I think I signed up for Plaxo awhile ago but had not fully explored all of its capabilities. We’re heavy AIM users here in Allegany County, so it is pretty cool that the same login could be used-saves from remembering yet another password. Anyway, I agree with another comment where Plaxo is kind of a mixed bag: it is convenient to have this idea of convergence where multiple things can be stored in one spot for ease of updating and communication, but I do hesitate due to privacy concerns.

    In the library, I like the idea of using something like Plaxo to manage meeting room calendars, so that both staff and the public can view them. It also could be a wonderful tool for sharing those often-used sites for assisting patrons with one another.

  41. KristinB Says:

    You know, I love seeing on my Plaxo calendar, “Today: You’re free! Tomorrow: You’re free!”. It makes me not want to fill in any sort of responsibilities or appointments. Then I could always pretend it is summer vacation, and I’m free! Because I subscribe to three different theatres in the DC area, I decided to use “Theatre” as a separate category to keep me straight. However, I already had this done in my Zimbra calendar (not to mention my regular old print one), and I doubt that I need three calendars at the same time. I’m not that forgetful. I hope not, at least!

    Plaxo really reminded me of Facebook, and I’m not sure if that is a good thing. They even have the “People you may know” section. Which is understandable since it is about social networking. But, it’s taken me this long to really grasp the whole point of Facebook, and do I need another social networking site, even if it does have a calendar, if none of my friends use it? Though maybe more do than I know, but I just didn’t feel all that secure linking everything together. Call me old-fashioned, but maybe that is what I am.

  42. Jeanne Trice Says:

    I guess I am really not a good social networker, because I really got impatient with Plaxo. I think I am just resistant to the whole idea! But I am working on my attitude and played around with it. I do like the idea of having everything on one calendar; I’m just not sure I am ready to share it with the world.

  43. M. Sebly Says:

    I enjoyed Plaxo, though in my current position with the library, I doubt I would have a use for it professionally. I can see how it might be helpful for a librarian who had a strong public presence.

    I loved the calendar! My mother helps take care of my son for me for a multitude of reasons and events, and I might use that calendar in addition to my day planner because it would be easier to print it out than to email her with a list of dates. I would not use it as my primary calendar though. I too, like my day planner and would be hard put to replace it considering all it does for me.

    I was disappointed because I initially thought Plaxo was going to be a tool to help ME keep track of my various accounts, not something that was going to help OTHERS keep track of me. I already have enough on my plate without adding to it.

    This actually might have been a good addition to 23 Things!

  44. Janice Says:

    I don’t really have much that I would want to aggregate on this site. I use Google calendar and that’s about it. It almost seems like having another drawer to shove stuff into and I already lose enough of my stuff in real drawers.

  45. John Says:

    At this point I am still anchored to the idea of one place for everything, email, task, calendar and contacts. I yearn for some tool that will allow me to do all this “in the cloud” so that it is all accessible at multiple locations and drag and droppable between applications. I started to play with Facebook and twitter in the last month and haven’t quite figured them out yet, so when I integrated those services into my plaxo pulse page, I am not sure what I am supposed to see. I guess I could have my regular blog automatically forward posts to my plaxo account and my facebook accounts but then why not just put them on plaxo in the first place? As others have said it a neat tool, but at this point I am too invested in the current organizational tools (outlook as a client on desktop) to switch over to system that doesn’t have the full monty.

  46. John Says:

    I do like the nifty mobile plaxo site

  47. bookbliss Says:

    I tried playing around with Plaxo, but had some issues with creating an account. (I was not able to receive their confirmation email. It didn’t even show up in my Junk folder…hmmm.) I will keep trying…

    Based on what I have learned, though, I don’t think Plaxo would be very useful to me on a personal level. I don’t have a MySpace or Facebook account, and I really like using my Franklin planner rather than an electronic calendar. However, I am open to trying new things, so it may be something I would use in the future. I can see how Plaxo could be helpful to the millions of MySpace and Facebook users, so I will keep it in mind. I might mention it to some of our teen patrons. They may already be aware and using it, but you never know!

  48. Jo Says:

    Link to my blog post on Plaxo:

  49. Jeri Says:

    Oy – so many things – so little time! The calendar feature is great – but I use Zimbra’s calendar. And I mean USE it. That is the only way I know what I am doing each day. I have to also put some of the same things into my cell phone to remind me if I am not in front of a computer. If I don’t have alerts – popups or sounds – that remind me of something that I need to do – it will not happen. I’m on Facebook but rarely use it. But I found Plaxo easy to use. Maybe one day I will just link everything together on something like this but I am not sure I am comfortable with that yet. In our work environment, some of us use Google calendar – other’s Zimbra. Those of us who share (two of us) can see what is on each other’s calendars and it helps with planning meetings but most employees won’t participate.

  50. christykoch Says:

    Meh. Plaxo was okay. The calendar was kind of fun to play around with. I am an avid Twitter and Facebook user, but I do the majority of my twitters and FB status updates from my mobile phone, and I’m not about to pay for the privledge of using Plaxo on my phone. I probably won’t visit it again.

  51. Mally Says:

    I investigated Plaxo. I think it could be useful but I am more concerned about privacy and security. I may want to try it someday. It was easy to join and navigate and I saw two people from CCPL that I could contact. That would be nice for relatives who live far away.

  52. Mysterylover Says:

    I set up a basic account on Plaxo, somewhat reluctantly, as I don’t have the time or see the need to have a social networking account. I know how much my kids enjoy staying connected with their friends through Facebook, especially now that they are off to college and their network of friends is so geographically spread out. Perhaps if I had a large network of friends on something like Plaxo or Facebook, I would be more interested in investing the time something like this.
    I have to admit that it was interesting to see how my Pulse page was developed as I entered more information into my profile. Also, I have to admit that I really liked the Plaxo calendar. It was easier to use than I imagined it would be, and I liked the Tasks tab and the count down to events feature.
    Having said that, I personally don’t feel I need a social network page…I don’t feel the need to have my life out there on the web, and as much fun as the calendar is to play with, it’s easier and takes less time to just carry a pocket calendar with me…I can refer to that anytime, whether I am in front of a computer or not!

  53. LibraryLady Says:

    Hmmm….I don’t really find this useful for myself. I have a “multiply” page and that seems to fulfill my needs as far as connecting with friends and not having to repost and post things to multiple blogs, etc since it cross posts for me. I do not like to keep a calendar online and I don’t think I would go turn on my computer at home and dial up (YES WE STILL ONLY HAVE DIAL UP ACCESS WHERE I LIVE) just to see what I am doing that day/week/month/etc. It is fun to play with, though, and it was very easy to use. Instructions for each category are very simple to follow.

  54. HeatherTowers Says:

    I was on plaxo before this class but I must admit I don’t find this website useful. I much prefer linked in or other professional networking sites. Also for social networking facebook is better.

  55. crabbylibrarian Says:

    It was interesting to register on Plaxo and see who I know who already had Plaxo accounts, but it was also disconcerting to see so many personal email addresses pop up for me to link to. I found a friend from where I used to live who uses Plaxo a lot for her business. She runs a small marketing firm and she uses Plaxo to promote different events that she runs, posts photos, etc. I can see how it can really be of benefit to a small business. I liked the calendar, but since I can access my work calendar from home, I am not sure how necessary it is, although I could use if just for personal stuff and I could share it F&F. I enjoyed the e-cards and immediately found one to send to my daughter. I haven’t had the patience to get into Facebook, but I think I am going to keep fiddling with Plaxo for the duration and see if I get hooked.

  56. jodielynn Says:

    My experience with plaxo was surprisingly frustrating. I found it difficult to do the discovery exercises without any instructions. I searched the plaxo instructions and even the help site but they were not helpful. I finally had to ask somone who had already done plaxo to help me with numbers 3 and four. I like the idea of a virtual calendar but feel no need to share it. Even the people I’m closest to don’t need to know what I’m doing all the time. I found that remember the milk had better instructions and was more user friendly. Too bad remember the milk doesn’t provide a monthly calendar the way plaxo does.

  57. Frogonablog Says:

    I continue to be amazed at the amount of time people must have to devote to this type of page. Possibly a sign that I am getting older, but if I want to know what is happening I look at either of my two small wall size calendars in five colors-everybody REALLY important has a color. I can see across a room for an entire month where everybody important is going to be and what is happening. I really don’t need anyone outside my family knowing this. Ditto scheme at work. I don’t use a Facebook, or any other social networking personally- it is not useful enough to me to devote the time required to maintain it.

  58. CSmith Says:

    Well I like the calendar idea in theory–but I don’t know if I will keep up with it. Calendars and me don’t ever seem to come together real well. Plaxo is fun I think for people who are social online, which I’m not. I’m old enough to be wary of my name/info floating “out there” somewhere. I doubt I will use this. If I had gobs of time maybe. ..not.

  59. DBennett Says:

    Glad I looked at it. Don’t see any need to use it at this point. I am just starting to use my Zimbra calendar for reminders, etc, but like Richard, still have my ludite book planner. I also used for the first time, bugmenot to use an alias and alias email for registration, which I like. It is crazy to have so many logins and registrations.

  60. Ann Drake Says:

    I thought Plaxo would be very helpful for people who rely on on-line resources to keep themselves organized. I couldn’t commit to being dependent on my computer or a web site to do so. I prefer the old fashioned way, a paper calendar and dates. I am not a social networking person, and feel uncomfortable putting any personal information on a web site that I would have to share. It was easy to use, particularly the calendar but found the social side of it confusing.

  61. Spero Says:

    Nice feature to gather contacts from various address books…excellent tool for mass emailing all or select contacts! I may use it in combination with newsletter made in letterpop.

  62. Rainey Says:

    I’m don’t think much of social networks. I too much of a private person. I’m not interested in having a profile out there. I wonder if it is safe? I have more questions than comments; but I’ll contemplate them later. However, I can appreciate how the address book and calendars work. Not sure I want my stuff out there on yahoo or google. You know they keeps tabs on everything you do on those sites. I tried the ‘find people you know’ feather and could not find a single person I know; even on staff?? I did like ‘remember the milk’ feature to manage tasks though. I also liked the ‘language switcher’ feature.

  63. madstrawberrygrrlll Says:

    I’m not sure if I’d ever use this at all, though I can see the value in it. I don’t really use social networking sites much, and I’m not really crazy about the idea of posting all the places, events, etc. that I attend for everyone to see. Okay, there is the privacy settings – that helps a lot. And it is a handy way to have a calendar I can get to from anywhere and to keep track of all these various accounts I’ve signed up with. I have mixed feelings. Still, I can definitely see its usefulness in a work environment.

  64. oicurmt Says:

    Getting in late here and am intrigued to read some of what has gone before (and glad that I’m not the only one dragging my feet in getting into this!). I, too, can see great benefits to using this site for keeping track of life and it’s happenings—both at work and home. Certainly neat to be able to pull this up at a meeting and plug in who/what/where and when. On the other hand, remember when we all thought that the Franklin Planner was the most cool thing on earth to use? So I guess that this is the “it” thing for the time being! Yes, you can tell that I’m not one to have a “presence” on the web–I’d rather keep under the radar and not have everything about me hanging out there for the masses to see/read and, well, whatever! So! Thanks for showing me this site but we’ll have to see if I really will use it after the 2.1 Thing is over.

  65. Janice Says:

    I don’t use facebook or myspace, so I guess I’ve never felt compelled to connect that way. Maybe I’m quickly slipping into the dark ages, but I use google’s calendar, email, photo sharing on Kodak, and I read a few blogs. I’m content. No one I know has suggested to me that we MUST use something like this to keep in touch and I don’t feel the need to be peeking over people’s shoulders all the time (nor do I want them doing it to me). It just seems like one more place to have to check in on to avoid missing some desperately important (?) event. I’ll just slink back to my cave now (haha).

  66. sandyr Says:

    I agree with what others have said here about Plaxo: I don’t feel comfortable with aggregating all of my contacts into one place, and privacy in general seems as though it could be compromised. I also do not use most of the social networking tools, so that trying out some of Plaxo’s options was not feasible. I like the calendar idea, but again, as others mentioned, I still stick primarily to paper and pencil, although if I could find an online calendar that would fit with my work style and preferences, I’d be interested in trying it out.

  67. Accidental Librarian Says:

    If I were to participate in social networking, I would use Facebook as that seems to be something that is used by more people I know than is Plaxo. In fact, my kids did not even know what Plaxo was. The calender and task features are nice but not all that intuitive. I had trouble finding where the countdown to special occasions showed up. All of the organizational features can also be accomplished on Microsoft Outlook. The only advantage to Plaxo over MS Outlook is the “online” nature of Plaxo whereas my home Outlook can only be accessed at home.

  68. Pam Says:

    I signed up for a plaxo account and connected with several of my co-workers. It was fun to post messages, however, I do not use Facebook or My Space. I did explore the calendar feature and added appointments and events to the calendar. As mentioned before, Plaxo can be accessed from any computer since it is an online which makes it extremely easy to use.

  69. Maryland Says:

    I signed up for my Plaxo account and found the site easy to use. I try to keep track of everything on my Outlook calendar so the idea of syncing my Outlook calendar from my work email account and my home into one space was great. Sorry I’m a little too old fashioned for “My space” and “Facebook” accounts. Social networking doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather do my “networking” face to face, thank you.

  70. lindalu Says:

    I used LetterPop last week to make a collage of photos on one subject taken when I was on leave in December. Really cool!

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